by B. J. Kibble

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When ex-British agent Alex Jordan learns that his loyal friend, mentor and serving MI6 officer is murdered, he relentlessly hunts for the killers in London. The trail brings him to former MI6 boss and Soviet double agent Paul Grady, who has been nursing an unrequited desire to build an intelligence empire all his own.

Grady is ready to sacrifice everything in his lust for power and is plotting to assassinate the North Korean President during a state visit to Britain. Grady intends to replace the demigod with a power-crazed thug from within the Korean military, which will give Grady priceless intelligence rights in Asia.

The only threat to his plan is a journal that Alex's friend passed on to an MI6 messenger as life insurance after infiltrating Grady's organisation. Unfortunately, the coded journal is useless without the decipher key-code that died along with the messenger. Desperate to avenge his friend, he turns to a former lover (and senior police officer) for help in tracking down the journal.

The next 72 hours will push them both past the limits of endurance to uncover the true meaning of loyalty.


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