Sheba's Vow

 by Marcus Clark

Sheba's Vow by Marcus Clark book cover
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Sheba's Vow is a novel about the struggle for democracy on a "South American" island. South Chale is ruled by a military dictatorship that has divided the country into four different racial groups, each strictly segregated. On South Chale, Asians rule the nation, while whites and blacks are treated as a subservient subclass.

Sheba is born into the most despised class of all, the mongrels, for the mongrels blur the differences between the races. After seeing her father persecuted by the State Security Police, Sheba vows to work for the overthrow of the dictatorship

Their neighboring island (Suntos) has become communist, but here things are reversed - it is the blacks who rule over the whites and Asians. When Sheba visits Suntos to investigated whether they should seek the assistance of Soviet advisers, she finds a horror that is beyond anything she could have imagined.

Sheba travels to Los Angles to try and gain American support against the dictatorship, but quite suddenly the dictator dies and there is a power struggle among the generals to appoint themselves President-for-life.

Sheba returns home and becomes involved with the Democracy Movement. During the desperate fight for the presidency between the State Security Police and the Army, Sheba uses People Power, persuasion, and cunning in her life and death struggle to form a democratic government.


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