Sitting Duck

 by James Falk

Sitting Duck by James Falk book cover
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Al Sicillio thinks he has it made. A young punk growing up in 1940s Pittsburgh, he attracts the attention of Zak Marconi, a high-placed Mafioso, who offers the kid a job. Soon it becomes all too clear why Marconi is interested in Al; the gangster sets up Al for a murder rap, and the kid gets life in prison. Finally pardoned many years later, Al is set free, longing for nothing more than a job and a quiet life. It's not to be. A chance set of circumstances propels him into an efficiently- run organization of hit men. Hoping to put his life of crime behind him, Al is eventually persuaded to be an informant for the FBI and becomes a sitting duck for the vengeance of the mob. But maybe, just maybe, he can pull off a sting.... A realistic first-person narrative moves this exciting mob story forward quickly and expertly, with a surprise on every page.


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