Twisted Sanction

 by Bruce Cooke

Twisted Sanction by Bruce Cooke book cover
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Here's the plan. If he can assassinate the upper hierarchy of ASIO-Australian Security Intelligence Organization - fill the gaps with his own men, then convince the Australian Government to open trade talks with Budi Darmadi, the Dictator and butcher of West Cordania, then Walter Lucas and his men will earn millions. All he needs is a fall guy. Someone he can fabricate evidence against then kill him. Agent Blake Kent is selected and when the attempt to kill him fails, Blake finds himself hunted all over Australia. His only hope is to find out the details of the plot. With his best friend Adam Barker and ace reporter Megan Masters, he sets out to clear his name. Trouble is he can't hide his feelings for Megan - nor she hers for him.


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