A Prostitute - A True Story

 by Rajasir

A Prostitute - A True Story by Rajasir book cover
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However, it did not remain a secret for long. No customers would come to her. They began to shun her. In a few months, she was thrown out of her apartment. She had no place to go to. Finally, she decided to go back to her original home - the pavement near the Church gate station. The child was with her now. One year later, on that pavement, a woman, a leper, was trying to avoid the flies that were trying to settle on her face to suck the liquid oozing out of her wounds. There was no nose on her face. She looked frightening. The child was playing nearby. A few passers by took pity and threw a few coins in front of her. Parvati was trying to smile but the grotesque face was too disgusting to produce any smile. Wasn't it like a dream? The ultimate destiny of a lovely woman was too cruel to be described as the God's act. The lines were ringing in her ears, "I will find a handsome bridegroom for my Parvati, my goddess."


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