City Within A City - A Gangster's Story

 by Sherry Clark Thomas

City Within A City - A Gangster's Story by Sherry Clark Thomas book cover
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City Within A City-A Gangster's Story is a tell all book of the life of a criminal, Joe Pastronoco, his prison stays, his love life and amazing interaction with the spiritual world that was part of his life since his childhood. An unusual crime story laced with sex, drugs, prostitution, abuse, and Mafia connections.

Joe marries 9 times. Sherry Clark becomes his 6th and 9th wife. She is a woman who is blinded by love and endures abuse beyond belief by his hand and gives up her soul for the love of a man who gives her nothing in return. This book is not only a detailed account of a criminal lifestyle, but it is also a powerful and compelling love story. You wont be able to put it down.


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