Holiday in Hell

 by Trisha Smith

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Holiday in Hell is a true story-tragedy, drama, and relentless suspense chronicling years of the author's life, from blind naivete to harsh reality. A brutal assault in 1999 on an exotic island cannot be charged! And then-an ensuing legal clash: Cuba is reluctant to charge the assailant. He's not Cuban, and ironically, the Canadian police refuse arresting him at the airport when he enters Canada.

The television broadcasts the despicable crime, and the newspapers cover the legal "complications," evoking public outrage, which in turn initiates a petition aimed at amending the relevant law before the House of Commons. The petition fails. In a true sense, the hard-hitting legal aftermath becomes the real crime, since according to the Canadian Criminal Code , the Canadian justice system cannot charge a Canadian for a crime committed outside the border of the country. There are many riveting courtroom dramas, and the case becomes precedent-setting in the Supreme Court of Canada; however, the crime is only charged due to a parole violation - another violent assault. The actual crime is never punished.

Holiday in Hell serves as a wake-up call to all people of the ramifications for victims of assaults (domestic or otherwise) in foreign countries. However, the book conveys hope that outdated laws can be amended. Holiday in Hell is a true-life story of courage, faith, love, and determination.


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