Limb from Limb

 by Melissa Preddy and George Hunter

Limb from Limb by Melissa Preddy and George Hunter book cover
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He Used A Hand Saw. . . On Valentine's Day 2007, in a suburb of Detroit, stay-at-home dad Stephen Grant filed a missing person's report with the local sheriff. Grant's wife Tara had disappeared five days earlier. He'd been searching for her ever since - or so he claimed.

He Started With Her Hands...

Over the next two weeks, police questioned Grant. He lashed out, accusing them of harassment, pleading his innocence in television interviews. He swore that his wife, a successful businesswoman, had abandoned him and their children. Then the police made a gruesome discovery...

He Kept Her Torso In The Garage.

After his arrest, Grant confessed to strangling his wife and cutting her body into fourteen pieces while the children slept. Detroit News reporter George Hunter interviewed Grant several times, learning shocking details of his relationship with Tara. This chilling account goes inside the twisted mind of a husband who snapped--and a marriage that ended in bloody carnage.

Includes 16 Pages Of Shocking Photos


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