A Wyrm In The Heart

 by Matt Kirkby

A Wyrm In The Heart by Matt Kirkby book cover
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In 10th Century Europe, Two Vampires Race To Save The World!

Who is killing all the great vampires of tenth century Paris! In a storm-wracked French Tavern, Franc, one of the undead, encounters a former lover on the run. His bite turned Livia into as vampire long-ago, and now she has just barely escaped with her undead life from the unknown assassins who have slaughtered most of the vampires in Paris. Before they can make plans, the pair meet Ulric, a cruel Viking chieftain and powerful sorcerer. Ulrich is searching for an ancient magical relic, the long-lost Sceptre of Hades, said to possess the power to restore the dead to life. With it, Ulric intends to bring his dead lover back to life. Soon Franc and Ulrich become rivals on a dark quest across primitive, violent tenth century Europe and into the icy Norselands, as Franc strives to locate the Sceptre first, to prevent the sorcerer for using its powers fort evil. In danger from both the vengeful sorcerer and the vampire assassins, Franc discovers his greatest peril may just the lovely Livia. Cover by Elspeth Fahey


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