American Blood: A Vampire's Story

 by Gregory Holden

American Blood: A Vampire's Story by Gregory Holden book cover
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She was born human, became a leper, and while a mining slave of the Roman Empire she touched a strange stone that transformed her into the world's first vampire. That was over nineteen hundred years ago and the American govenrment is tracking her.

Here is the story of an administration during its eighth and final year in office looking for a way to salvage its legacy by finding and killing the world's most wanted terrorist. For seven years America has failed to accomplish this mission and now, desperate and beset by scandal, the government hatches a covert plan to capture, and then coerce, the world's first vampire into locating and killing the Sheikh.

The government's lead researcher, a competent molecular biologist, begins to uncover the secrets of this remarkable and deadly creature. But as his research moves forward he discovers that instead of finding a remorseless killer driven to feed on humankind, the female vampire is a being who desires companionship and love.

It is when they are sent to the Pashtun Belt on the mission to find and assassinate the Sheikh that the researcher and the vampire, facing death, make the ultimate sacrifice for each other.

Print Length: 390 pages

The author is a chemist with seventeen years experience in the pharmaceutical industry. With this novel he has created a fresh and compelling take on the vampire mythos. The origin of vampires in this novel is unique and lays the foundation for the next volume in the series.


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