Anna Karnivora: A Vampire Novel

 by W. Bill Czolgosz

Anna Karnivora: A Vampire Novel by W. Bill Czolgosz book cover
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RRP: £6.32

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Bill is treading the delicate path between sobriety and drunkenness, between responsibility and recklessness, and, for once in his life, the future is looking bright. If he can keep his job and get his bills paid, he just might be able to afford a new truck.

This is life in a small town. Drug-use is rampant, businesses are closing their doors, and every day feels a little emptier than the one that preceded it.

When the lusty, enigmatic Nadezhta Zahorchak enters Bill's little life, everything goes right down the toilet. Bill begins having nightmares about Planet Mars. His friends begin to die. His favorite watering hole becomes a blood-soaked crime scene. And leggy, lipsticked vampires creep into the daylight to tear his world apart.

Will Bill pump gas for the rest of his life, or will he become a respected novelist?

Will he keep Nadezhta, or will he lose her to the darkness?

Will he make it to August with his throat (and his mind) intact?

Anna Karnivora is a tragedy-laced, bloody dramedy that will have you laughing all the way to the gallows.


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