Chaos The Vampire Child

 by Lisa Rene' Smith

Chaos The Vampire Child by Lisa Rene' Smith book cover
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Chaos the vampire child comes of age -

Every male in the bloodseeker society now wants her for a mate!

Chaos, the phenomenal vampire child, changed from a caterpillar to an exquisite butterfly in one day - and now she lives up to her name, creating chaos for everyone.

When puberty took the young girl hostage it sent a ransom note to all males of the blood seeker society - broadcasting a mating call far across the continent.

The mysterious clan's first born child, daughter of Joanna and Colin, was ripe for the taking - over Colin's dead body!

An ancient battle that began at the dawn of the First Thirst rages again over Chaos. Colin's powerful friends gather to help him defend his daughter, but is she really safe from them?

Will any of the blood seekers ever be safe again?

Defeat waits just around the corner but Colin and his allies will fight to their last breaths to keep the young woman safe.

Will chaos reign? Or will a father's love for his child prevail in the end?


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