Dance With The Dragon

 by E. F. Watkins

Dance With The Dragon by E. F. Watkins book cover
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All About Murder - Best Thriller/Horror Nominee!

Peggy Walsh, the teenage daughter of Senator Dan Walsh, is kidnapped into a dangerous cult, the Church of Eternal Life. When the FBI tries to get her back and fails, the senator accepts help from super-psychic Dr. Armand Renascut. Renascut warns him that cult leader Stephen Farkas may possess real supernatural powers--that he and some of his followers may at least "believe" they are vampires--and that they can be defeated only by special weapons.

Although Walsh learns that Renascut was dismissed from a top-secret Pentagon program because of bogus credentials, he still hopes the mysterious psychic can help him mount another assault on the CEL compound and rescue Peggy. But can Renascut be trusted? Who is he, really, and just how much does he have in common with the cruel Farkas? Only one person knows--Kat Van Braam, Renascut's beautiful partner, who is risking her life daily to keep him "on the side of the angels."


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