A Western Winter Wonderland

 by Jenna Kernan, Pam Crooks and Cheryl St.John

A Western Winter Wonderland by Jenna Kernan, Pam Crooks and Cheryl St.John book cover
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RRP: £3.32

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Love and family - three heart-warming stories - the recipe for a perfect Christmas!

Christmas Day Family by Cheryl St John

Marvel Henley thought she was content, until the handsome new doctor Seth Paxton and his adorable kids crashed into her life! Suddenly she began to yearn for things she had long stopped wishing for...

Fallen Angel by Jenna Kernan

When Abby March is accidentally shot she and her young boy are taken into a rugged stranger's care. Dark and mysterious, Ford Statler hides a softer side, and offers much more than just a Christmas to remember...

One Magic Eve by Pam Crooks

Chet Lattimer is attracted to Sonja Kaplan despite local gossip. He finds himself asking Sonja for help with his motherless little boy, and with Christmas on the horizon, and magic in the air, their lives might just change...for ever!


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