Cattleman's Woman

 by Diana Palmer, Anne McAllister and Maureen Child

Cattleman's Woman by Diana Palmer, Anne McAllister and Maureen Child book cover
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Cattleman's Pride by Diana Palmer

Next-door neighbours Jordan Powell and Libby Collins were sparring partners of old: he was strong and seductive, she was shy and achingly innocent. And when Jordan made it his personal crusade to help Libby hold on to her home, everyone could hear the chiming of wedding bells...

Kiss Me, Cowboy! by Maureen Child

Career-woman Nora Bailey was the last virgin she knew of. But she planned to change that - with commitment-wary single dad Mike Fallon! Nora knew that convincing Mike he was her Mr Right would be a challenge...

A Cowboy's Pursuit by Anne McAllister

Heart-throb Jace Tucker fell for Celie O'Meara the day they met. But as a role model for reckless, footloose charmers, Jace had no equal. So when he came close, she ran a thousand miles! Jace went after her, determined to convince Celie they were meant for each other!


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