Don of the Dead: A Zombie Novel

 by Nick Cato

Don of the Dead: A Zombie Novel by Nick Cato book cover
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Two mob families go to war after one family's main hitman switches sides and to show his newfound loyalty, he has to whack his former boss, who also happens to be the current Don. The Don is buried alive on a mob-controlled construction site that was once the location of a church that had banned the same Don's ancestors, causing them to invent their own religion.

The Barrlucio and Piranzza families battle for control of the underworld before their main henchmen find out a Don has been offed without permission. Major problems arise when a group of mysterious Sicilians arrive from Italy and manage to retrieve the Don's corpse.

Well, his... living corpse.

Before long, the Don's undead state leads to the outbreak of reanimated dead, including a showdown at the Staten Island Mall and NYC's Central Park. Add to the mix a corrupt military general that is bent on using the outbreak to bring down the mob and the entire city and an even more corrupt Catholic priest who is responsible for the whole mess in the first place.

Ah, nothing like a few bowls of scungilli, classy suits, bullets and zombies.

"Don of the Dead is violent, visceral and fascinating - a comedy darker than heart blood." Simon Clark, author of Blood Crazy and The Midnight Man


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